California World Class Math
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California Math Standards Are Rigorous and World Class

     More California students reach the advanced level in mathematics each year.  This level puts them on international footing with peers from other nations because the benchmarks in California Math Standards are world class. 

     For example, the chart below shows that between 2002 and 2009 thousands more fourth grade students reached the state's highest level in mathematics.

"Although the significant increase in math achievement levels must be credited to the hard work of students and teachers, California has made this possible by its internationally competitive math standards, effective accountability and standards aligned instructional materials."
R. James Milgram
Stanford University Mathematics Professor, Emeritus




Right now in Washington, D.C., national math standards are being written that will link to federal funding.  49 states and territories have signed up, but the work of the panel is confidential. 

Support California's world class math standards.
  Please click here to sign the letter below.

Dear President Obama and Secretary of Education Duncan,

Forty-nine states and territories have signed on to the development of national math standards, and it is anticipated that federal funds will link to them.

However, the process is confidential, there is no plan for public input, and the panel is composed primarily of employees of College Board, ACT and Achieve. Although a panel of math experts was announced, they have no decision making role.

We support Governor Schwarzenegger's position that   California will not commit to adopting national math standards unless they meet or exceed California's own internationally competitive standards.  

We are asking for your leadership to ensure that the process for establishing national standards be open and that the end result be grade level benchmarks in mathematics that are truly world class.  Every student in America regardless of ethnicity, gender or wealth, deserves an internationally competitive math education. 


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